About Me

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About Me

So, this is me. I'm a 19 year old guy who likes being creative.

I stand out quite a bit in a crowd as I have a home made trench coat and dyed red hair, not something you see too often. I like being unique, it's what makes me, me. I love to help people whenever I can, it just gives me a strong feeling of satisfaction.

I'm currently on a gap year before starting Uni at Solent, Southampton University studying Indie Games Development in September this year. In the mean time I'm learning more about tech and computers along with experimenting with game engines and aesthetics that I can make with them.

Main Skills


This is an area where I have an okay understanding of, Enough to understand code, make a game & edit an HTML website. I hope to be improving this at University.

Game Design

I'm good at coming up with ideas for games. Anything from a small addictive game to a full AAA release worth idea. I have several concept documents written up which can be requested for viewing by contacting me.

Art & GFX

I've spent a good amount of time self teaching myself to be better at drawing. Especially with a graphics tablet & digital image editing tools. I can pretty much do anything I can think up a reality.

Main Hobbies


I run my own Youtube channel, mainly for fun. But it does test my skills as a contnt creator. I've learnt a lot about GFX & Video editing from running the channel.


As you can see from the Photography section of this site, I like taking pictures. I mainly just take whatever I see with whatever I have on me, which is normally my phone. 

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