About Me

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About Me

So, this is me. I'm a 19 year old guy who likes being creative.

I stand out quite a bit in a crowd as I have a home made trench coat and dyed red hair, not something you see too often. I like being unique, it's what makes me, me. I love to help people whenever I can, it just gives me a strong feeling of satisfaction.

I'm currently at Solent, Southampton University studying Indie Games Development for 3 years before joining an indie studio or making my own studio.

Main Skills


This is an area where I have an okay understanding of, Enough to understand code, make a game & edit an HTML website. I hope to be improving this at University.

Game Design

I'm good at coming up with ideas for games. Anything from a small addictive game to a full AAA release worth idea. I have several concept documents written up which can be requested for viewing by contacting me.

Art & GFX

I've spent a good amount of time self teaching myself to be better at drawing. Especially with a graphics tablet & digital image editing tools. I can pretty much do anything I can think up a reality.

Main Hobbies


I run my own Youtube channel, mainly for fun. But it does test my skills as a content creator. I've learnt a lot about GFX & Video editing from running the channel.


As you can see from the Photography section of this site, I like taking pictures. I mainly just take whatever I see with whatever I have on me, which is normally my phone. 

Sonar Film

So while at Uni I help run the student cinema. I normally go as the Projectionist, been the hardest job out of the lot. Its great fun and I've made pleanty of friends through it already.

Arts & Crafts

I'm also a part of the arts and crafts society. Its a fun stress free kind of society, we just do stuff for fun and learn a few new skills in the process.

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