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The Shadow Within

(Released Game) The Shadow Within is a puzzle based platform which challenges you to choose how you solve each level.. The levels get increasingly more complex and teasing which several enemies and paths to choose. Want to be a completionist? Find all the stars in the 28 levels to complete the game fully, or just find weird and wacky ways to complete levels to waste your time.


The Isolation Of Isabelle

(College FMP) So this was an early The Isolation of Isabelle concept used for a Final Major Project.. The game is just a basic level. I never got round to getting everything I wanted into it so for now it's just a simple run to an area and done kind of game. It has moon walking though.



(Concept) So this was a game I was hoping to complete over my gap year, Though I never really got around to finishing it :(. This idea behind it was to be a fast paced mobile game where the player had to dodge the polygon shapes and last as long as they could. There would be different colours for the polygons what would indicate the different styles, blue being normal, green being a splitter, yellow being a faster, red being a chasing polygon e.t.c.

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