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The Shadow Within

This was my first commercial game project. The concept for the game was made during a game jam called "Nerd Rage" at Cambridge Regional College, where the theme word was "Discombobulate". I won 4 of the awards for that game jam, which wa sthe most for any game made in that jam beating people in second year at the time. I went on the fully develop the game and even showcase it at E3 (2016).

I made this game totally by myself, with a little lecturer help when publishing it to implement the acheivements and leaderboards where needed as well as testing the game before release. This game taught me alot about the process when it game to making games and only inspired me to go further into the feild and consider it as a full time career. 

Sadly, Rizing Games, the published I released the game through origionally has closed its mobile stores. I do plan to get an Android Developer Account soon though so I can get it back up on the store. I'll also look into fixing some of the problems with the game if I can.

Gameplay Video


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